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Best Buddies Colombia works since 2003 in three lines: the generation of job opportunities, the development of social skills through friendship, and raising funds that allow us to expand our impact in Colombia.



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Our history in the Jobs program has been marked by the trust and credibility of employers, the clear commitment of parents and institutions, and young people who are eager to get ahead, to be useful, to have a salary, a place to which belong and be, finally, a source of pride for their families and for themselves.

It has been a great adventure full of challenging obstacles. 80% of the young people that make part of our Integrated Employment program are part of challenging economic conditions ranked 1, 2, and 3 of vulnerability; thanks to Best Buddies Colombia, and the training and preparation that we offer by our Jobs program, individuals with IDD are now the economic engine and major income source of their households!

For more information contact:

Claudia Torres - Jobs Manager.

Alliance with SENA (The National Training Service)

For several years, in alliance with the SENA and private companies, we have graduated young people as SENA trainees in courses such as:

  • Technician in Development of Logistics Operations in the Supply Chain

  • Logistics Assistant in Chain Stores

  • Logistics Assistant in Events and Services

For more information contact:
Yurleidy Urbano - Training Coordinator


Escuela Best
Buddies Colombia

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Es una iniciativa de educación informal, enfocada en habilidades socio-emocionales con una proyección laboral para las personas con Discapacidad Intelectual que tengan habilidades para desempeñarse en tres perfiles: administrativo, servicio y operativo.

Social Inclusion & Volunteering

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We create experiences and activities for the development of social skills of People with IDD, through the construction of friendships with people without disabilities (Volunteers).

Training Workshops

We seek to form human beings for the development of better processes of inclusion, seeking to make a difference.


Calendar (Fundraising)


Since 2006 we have had the participation of renowned Creative Director, Lucho Correa and his company LIP, in the design of our calendar. There have been several photographers who have also supported our project, and have come together to record the different photos and bring our message of inclusion to life, demonstrating the skills of People with IDD.

For more information contact:

Martha González L - Commercial Manager


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